Since 1989, Cable Associates has manufactured custom fiber optic and copper cable assemblies servicing the Commercial, Military and Aerospace industries in support of Telecommunications, Broadband, Data Storage, POS, and Industrial applications.

Cable Associates is a registered AS-9003 certified Company. Our quality product line, responsive customer service team and quick turnaround on time sensitive projects has made us a trusted vendor for over 25 years.

Fiber Optic Assemblies

At our on-site manufacturing facility, we specialize in precision fiber optic assemblies customized to customer specific needs. Whether it is a custom length patch cord, hybrid, or a multifiber breakout assembly our ability to respond to customer requirements on short notice separates us from the competition.

We manufacture assemblies with terminations that include the standards; LC, SC, FC, ST, D4, and MTP. We provide Ultra and Angle Polish as required. Custom MTP breakout cassettes are also manufactured at our facility supporting Single mode as well as Multi Mode, 50um, OM3 and OM4 applications.

Each assembly is inspected to IPC-8497-1 specifications at 400x magnification. We use an expanded A zone from 25um to 50 um. The controlled process ensures assemblies are within specification for end face geometry for APEX Offset, R of C and fiber height. We offer endface inspection using JDSU Westover FiberCheckPro software for critical applications.

Copper Assemblies

Cable Associates manufactures custom copper assemblies in support of the Telecommunications, Military and Industrial sectors.

Product types include:

  • VDSL in 64 and 50 position Cat5e
  • Telco DS1
  • DS3 Coax
  • RF
  • Cat5e
  • Cat6
  • POTS
  • Custom harnesses
  • Panels
  • Enclosures
  • Cabinets

Additionally, Cable Associates has significant experience manufacturing wiring harnesses, build to print, prototype and custom assemblies in both the Military and Industrial Sectors.

Aerospace and Military Assemblies

Cable Associates manufactures custom ruggedized copper wire harnesses, fiber and RF assemblies for Military and Aerospace applications. These applications include but are not limited to the following:

  • Electrical harnesses for laser guided missile systems
  • Fiber towed decoys
  • MUOS Fiber / electrical systems
  • RF and Radar DITMCO RF / Electrical harnesses for communication shelters
  • Fiber / splitter assemblies for Naval submarines
  • Various voice/data harnesses for Army Depots

Cable Associates has years of experience terminating electrical, RF and optical military contacts that include:

  • 38999
  • M28876

All of our electrical cable assemblies are tested 100% for continuity and signal integrity while our fiber optic cable assemblies are tested for insertion loss, interferometry and back reflection.

Every Cable Associates military product has been manufactured with great pride at our Northeastern Pennsylvania facility for over 25 years.

Contract Manufacturing

Cable Associates provides Commercial, Industrial and Military Contract Manufacturing services designed to provide a fully assembled fiber or copper assembly to suit our customer’s requirements.

Our contract manufacturing assemblies are fully RF piped, electrically wired, spliced and tested to our customer’s specifications. Cable Associates contract manufacturing services reduces installation time, quality issues and costly on site labor. This process also maintains system integrity and reduces the possibility of equipment misplacement on site.

Cable Associates contract manufacturing team has over 25 years of experience installing our customer’s products into various enclosures such as 19” rack cabinet assemblies, 1RU chassis, plug-in modules and harsh environment NEMA rated enclosures. Our team works closely with our customer’s engineering groups to aid in the improvement of the overall product while also providing assembly and testing documentation as required.

Cable Associates provides a seamless and cost effective approach while maintaining customer quality requirements on all installation projects.

Customer Support Services

  • Highly responsive customer support team.
  • Real-time web based order status and tracking updates.
  • Order escalation system for same day shipping on time sensitive projects.
  • Internal applications that track the progress of all assemblies from raw materials to finished goods.
  • Web applications that track and analyze customer product usage. Data is used to develop strategic stocking plans that lead to dramatically reduced delivery time.